Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick (magenta vinyl)

Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick (magenta vinyl)

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Import from Europe. New and never played double LP on black vinyl (includes CD of album). 




Transparent magenta vinyl version limited to 200 copies. Gatefold cover and two-sided insert incl. photos and lyrics.
CD version of the album included housed in a clear plastic envelope.


A1 Scarsick
A2.1 1: Introducing Star
A2.2 2: Thus Quote The Craving
A2.3 3: Redefining Vomatorium
A2.4 4: Man Of The Masses
A2.5 5: Yo
B1 Cribcaged
B2 America
Disco Queen
B3.1 One: Tonight I'll Fall
B3.2 Two: A Cheap Sellout Drug
B3.3 Three: A Tighter Groove
B3.4 Four: My Disco Queen
C1 Kingdom Of Loss
C2 Mrs Modern Mother Mary
C3 Idiocracy
D1 Flame Of The Moth
Enter Rain
D2.1 "Running"
D2.2 "Standing"
D2.3 "Falling"