Witchsorrow - God Curse Us (white vinyl)

Witchsorrow - God Curse Us (white vinyl)

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Import from the UK. New and never played double LP (white vinyl).

"For years, if not decades, Heavy Metal's heaviest sub-genre known as Doom Metal has been something enigma, yet also generally ignored by the metal masses. Its flames kept fanning by a mere handful of cave-dwelling enthusiasts that fully understood its emotional depth and beauty.
With this in mind, it was almost inconceivable to imagine that it would become as widely acknowledged and appreciated as it is today. Since recent times the term "Doom Metal" is used almost as commonly as any other form of metal and whilst many trends have come and gone, Doom never went away.
Now that it is a more commonly accepted genre, it has typically led to an abundance bandwagon jumpers coming to the funeral. Using as much copy and paste occult paraphernalia possible can’t disguise the fact that they're not genuinely into the art, or in fact particularly that great.
Witchsorrow are a prime example of a band unaffected by this Johnny-come-lately approach and play their pure and epic non-pretentious brand of Doom Metal straight from the heart. If their self-titled 2010 debut suggested that, God Curse Us All confirms it."


1. Aurora Atra
2. God Curse Us All
3. Masters of Nothing
4. Ab Antiquo
5. Megiddo
6. Breaking the Lore
7. Den of Serpents